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Now back from maternity leave (after having twins), Nicole is balancing the school run with her 6 year old and her two toddlers – and is ready to help you too!

Harvard Author. The Guardian Contributor. Educational Agony Aunt. Coach. Mentor. Editor. CopyWriter.  Web Developer and Designer. Presenter/Facilitator. Speaker.

After more than a decade of working in schools as an award-winning AST, school leader (Teaching and Learning, New Technologies, Head of School) and being an A Level Examiner/Moderator for OCR, Nicole now works as a freelance consultant and coach. She works both in schools directly with school communities and remotely.

Nicole Ponsford is also the Founder and Creative Director (with Dr. Julie M. Wood) of TechnoTeachers, a Global Edtech Consultancy. Nicole is based in Europe and Julie lives in the USA.  Together they work with clients around the globe, although they have not met in person. Yet.

Recent Highlights:


  • Speaker at The Bett Show 2017 (Futures Area, Primary School Apps) Photo 1
  • Achievement for All: Winter 2017 Researching and writing interactive content and copy with the Director of Materials (modules include support for Early Years settings, Assistive Technologies in partnership work with Microsoft, interactive case studies for a Mayor of London project and is now (Feb 2017) a QA Coach for Pupil Premium Practice Review Coaches. Also a School Improvement ‘Achievement Coach’
  • Contributing to both Digital Learning and Parental Engagement chapters for the new Innovate My School Guide for 2016/17 (whilst being a new mummy to twins!) Photo 2
  • Secondary eCadet Officer for the award-winning school eSafety scheme
  • Copywriting/editing new family-friendly materials for MediaSmart
  • Creating online safety articles for Innovate My School with my USA TechnoTeachers Founder, Dr. Julie M. Wood Photo 3


  • Directing web content/design and social media management for different charities, organisations and educational bodies/sites
  • Editing and copywriting editorial content both online and offline, discussion pieces, academic articles, training/information guides for schools and families
  • Consultancy and Coaching for private clients, clusters of edtech schools, online/offline and currently in terms of school improvement for an international charity, in Primary and Secondary UK schools across the South of England.
James CainJames Cain Editor at Innovate My School

“It’s not often that you get to work with an individual who boasts such a wealth of expertise. I’ve been working with Nicole Ponsford as a frequent contributor for some time now, and it’s been a pleasure seeing her become a guru in various areas, such as edtech, e-safety, learning with film and liaising with parents.

On top of this, Nic is a consistent joy to work with. We encourage writers to include their personality in articles, and this approach particularly suits the sunny, savvy Nicole. Quite a few times we’ve come to her with specific demands, and each time she gets us sorted. Ms Ponsford is definitely one to watch!” February 2017


Nicole is keen to stay one-step ahead now that she is almost out of the classroom, in order to share teaching and learning strategies with her clients. She is has a reputation for being ahead of the curve, professional and an expert in her field. For example, she has also passed the HarvardX ‘Leaders of Learning’ MOOC course, gained a certificate for ‘Games-Based Learning‘ (understanding The Players, Practices, and Perceptions of Teaching with Digital Games) and ‘Cyberbullying, Sexting and Social Media‘.

She believesthat problems can become opportunities when the right people come together(R. South).

If you would like Nicole to work with you, your school or your organisation, please drop her a line.



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