Current Work (Spring – Summer 2018)

Founder of The Gender Equality Charter


Launched with Cat Wildman on Feb 2018. 2000+ followers on Twitter. 200 parents on Facebook page. Two pilot schemes completed. Next steps coming soon. See more here:


Twitter campaign

DVNpBifWAAAH2ZSSpeaker at ‘Enablers and Barriers to Successful Leadership’, LeadMeet (Dorset). Tickets here.

Digital Leader: Women and Digital Futures


I launched WomenEdTech, as part of the WomenEd grassroots movement at the start of 2018. My launch blog can be found here. We recruited nearly 2000 people on Twitter in a few months – we got a lot of attention! I had lots of support and even created a leadership team to support the vision. My aim was to link in existing and aspiration women in education and technology to support and inspire one another. I wanted to increase the community to support girls in schools, as well as female educational leaders as this isn’t part of their remit – we parted ways so I could focus on the GEC.

The leadership team and I have now joined forces to improve digital futures for all females in the UK. This is will shine a light on existing awesome practice and ensure that there are accessible opportunities for females in schools, edtech and everywhere!

Look out for #GECFutures… we launch soon!

Also see interview with The EdTechPodcast (also for GEC)

Digital Education Specialist and Project Lead , Achievement for All

Achievement for All 3As  is an award-winning national charity which supports policy makers and schools to improve the aspirations, access and achievement of learners and young people across the UK. The Achievement for All framework improves pupils’ progress, parental engagement, pupil attendance, behaviour and well-being, peer relationships, participation in extra-curricular activities and access to future opportunities for all pupils. Achievement for All has been shown to have a profound impact on the outcomes of vulnerable pupils, including those with SEND, and on school improvement.Unknown

My role was as an Achievement Coach and I worked with Infant, Primary and Secondary schools across the South of England. I had worked with about a dozen schools in total. These ranged from the first all-through school in Hampshire (Reception through to Sixth Form) and a Studio School in Southampton, to a rural Primary in Christchurch to a large secondary in the heart of Portsmouth. I visited ‘my’ schools every fortnight to help them to narrow the gap for their students and coach them in terms of school improvement and parental engagement. It is a very personalised approach – and I am pleased that schools asked me to stay in contact with them following their completion of the programme.

My work varied from whole school INSET days, parent focus groups, Teaching Assistant 1:1 coaching, joining curriculum teams to support planning to supporting Leadership Teams with strategy and pre-Inspection guidance. Whatever a school needs, I delivered.

I also worked for the team as a Quality Assessment Coach for the Pupil Premium Practice Coaches, as well as being one myself. This means I am qualified in not only assessing schools and their use of PP, but quality assure the work of other coaches doing this.

Most of the work I’ve done over the last two years is as part of the Materials Team, supporting the development of our online materials and training area, The Bubble. This year I have worked on topics such as LAC, Growth Mindsets, Digital Education for Early Years and #CoreStrength. I am now the Project Lead for a range of digital projects – this includes working on creating new online content for existing MOOCs (MEC and FutureLearn) and working directly with AfA partners (currently an early years app and a global tech giant).

Writer, Speaker and Agony Aunt


First article published in Jan 2018. It is based on returning to the world of edtech after having the twins – and my goals for 2018. 

Next published on Feb 19th advising schools on being ‘Sensory Smart’.

InnovateMySchoolblank IMS AA

I am thrilled to be their regular Agony Aunt and ‘Top Contributor’ to InnovateMySchool’s ‘Inspire’ page.


Here are some links to my articles and Agony Aunt responses. My first piece of work, since having the twins, was for the The Innovate My School 2017 Guide. I was too excited to contribute to chapters on Digital Learning and Parental Engagement to think twice! Next piece is on being a ‘Disruptor’ in education (March 2nd).

Contributor for The Guardian The Guardian

It was busy before I went on maternity leave with the twins as a Contributor for The Guardian – and am very proud to be part of the team still  Here is a link to my current profile. I am in talks to start writing for them again soon.

Last year I was  invited to be a panellist for a recent live web chat on ‘How To Use Film Creatively in The Classroom’ by The Guardian and Into Film. This was then used for an blog for  The Guardian – see here. My next piece for them on Time Saving Apps for Teachers. Since then I have worked with them on a range of topics from ‘Sexting’ to supporting NQTs. For the latter I was invited to be an expert panelist for a live online chat with the readership. Shortly after this, I was an expert for another ‘The Guardian Careers live web chat’, for those ‘Thinking of A Career in Teaching‘. They then asked me to write for parents. I wrote the ‘Survival Guide‘ for parents – to illustrate how parents can make successful relationships with their child’s teachers.

The Bett Show

I was very thrilled to be invited to lead a Twitter #BettChat. Innovate My School asked me to represent them in the run up to the Bett Show in January.


I had just returned to working/ the laptop and it was lovely to be thought of! It was on eSafety and was fun! BETT then contacted me and asked if I would be on their Primary school panel. It was to explore Primary Apps against the context of a lack of funding in schools. I hope people found it beneficial. Since then, I have had lots of app developers contact me to ask for support and picked up a few more followers on Twitter.


I also had time to be filmed for a short film for a new educational YouTube Channel. I hadn’t even taken my bag off or (horror) had a coffee!

Educator Writer for ViewSonic Education (USA)

Unknown-2I am a regular Featured Educator for ViewSonic and write blogs to support global educators on all things edtech for the Modern Classroom. I am currently working on a series of articles for them on everything from coding to virtual whiteboards.


Contributor and Agony Aunt for TeachWire (Early Years, Primary and Secondary)


TeachWire and I have recently started working together. I enjoy working with the Editor as I can write about topics from EYFS to Post-16. My recent articles are all here, from screen time to CSE films.

EdTech Advocate and Guest Blogger MPTP.png

I am often asked to guest blog – but this was a very special request. I am normally reserved about my personal life, but when I was asked to help inspire other teachers on maternity leave – I jumped at the chance. In my blog I illustrate how resigning from a teaching post enabled me to support more in education than I ever dreamed of. Hope you like it! They have now asked me to be part of the team – as their EdTech Advocate. I am advising our members on how remote coaching and learning can support our followers and using their help for the WomenEd Tech event this summer.