Overview and Recent Highlights


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Recent Highlights


  • Online Learning Specialist for educational and professional body charities/ not-for-profits, and educational/edtech bodies/sites
  • Editing and copywriting editorial content both online and offline, discussion pieces, academic articles, training/information guides for schools and families, Quality Assurance for national bodies (reportage and resources)
  • Consultancy and Coaching for private clients, schools and school clusters/ MATs, regional, national and international bodies/levels,  online/offline and currently in terms of school improvement for an international charity, in Early Years, Primary and Secondary UK schools across the UK.

Examples of Clients and Partnerships –

eCadets Officerecadets

I was thrilled to be part of the award-winning eCadets as an eCadet Officer. I am working with the co-founders to create secondary school resources for their ‘Senior eCadets’ and a range of supportive materials for their eCadet Parents ( using our TechnoTeachers experience and consultancy). They made me part of their team and I could not have been happier! They wanted an accreditation for their eSafety work and a new curriculum to cater for all types of learning environment for young people aged 11-18. It was a huge role. As a result of this, I am a qualified Arts Award Assessor for Level 1-3 courses (Bronze, Silver and Gold – the latter equating to UCAS points) as I needed to become an assessor to write a new curriculum from scratch. The outcome was that the Senior eCadets get both eSafety training and an accreditation for their hard work. It focused upon units and activities focusing upon cyberbullying, digital citizenship, digital footprints and digital employability. This  was made available to schools from September 2015 (before maternity leave) as part of the scheme to schools.

Edusites Consultant

My freelance role went from zero to full on when I started working with Edusites. Originally providing GCSE and ALevel resources across the English and Media Studies sites, I then asked if I could set up a site for teachers of Film Studies. BOOM. This was rewarded with being asked to be the Editor of FilmEdu (an online site for teachers of Film Studies – which I set up from scratch, planning, writing content and then managed team of writers). I was also Subject Expert for MediaEdu (writing/managing online PR = social media, workUntitled 2ing with clients and writing marketing materials for the Director), provided both GCSE and A Level classroom resources for EnglishEdu, led the iTraining section for teacher CPD and the EduSites Blog Editor. As part of the Edusites Consultancy Team, I have led workshops for secondary schools across the South of England and provided 1:1 assistance for clients.


I am now working as a copywriter for a number of clients. This work includes helping organisations engage with either schools/ teachers or parents. Before I went on maternity leave with the twins, I worked with Media Smart . They are a media literacy organisation, that are funded by the UK adUnknownvertising industry and supported by both the UK and EU governments who do incredible work on everything from advertising in social media to a huge body image for boys.

I edited/provided additional copy for their guide for parents regarding Advertising and Social Media. You can download it here.