Critical Responses and Client Testimonials

Testimonials for Teaching and Freelance Work

Henry Platten Co-Founder at eCadets

“Nicole is a valued member of the team. Her superb professionalism and expert know-how is only matched by her infectious enthusiasm.”

Lynne Watson South West Deputy Regional Director, Achievement for All

“I have worked with Nicole for 3 years as both her line manager and fellow Case study author. She is a smart , insightful and enthusiastic school leadership Coach who sets herself high expectations and usually over delivers !

I admire her excellent presentation skills, IT wizardry ! and strong commitment to the Charity’s cause”.


Dr. Julie M. Wood Founder and Academic Director at TechnoTeaching

“Nicole’s talent as an educator and co-author are exceeded only by her creativity and sense of humor. Nicole was an outstanding collaborator in co-authoring “TechnoTeaching, Taking Practice to the Next Level in a Digital World” and developing a companion website. Although we have never met in person, I feel Nicole is one of the best colleagues you could have.”


James Cain Editor at Innovate My School

“It’s not often that you get to work with an individual who boasts such a wealth of expertise. I’ve been working with Nicole Ponsford as a frequent contributor for some time now, and it’s been a pleasure seeing her become a guru in various areas, such as edtech, e-safety, learning with film and liaising with parents.

On top of this, Nic is a consistent joy to work with. We encourage writers to include their personality in articles, and this approach particularly suits the sunny, savvy Nicole. Quite a few times we’ve come to her with specific demands, and each time she gets us sorted. Ms Ponsford is definitely one to watch!”


Richard Gent, Founder of Edusites (English, Film & Media Studies Support)

“Nicole’s work as the editor of Edusites’ blogs and her zeal for progress led to her being asked to oversee the development of FilmEdu – a new support site for Film Studies. Nicole’s broad subject knowledge and dynamic approach to classroom practice make her an invaluable member of the Edu Team. Recommending her is easy and a great pleasure.”

Ana WilliamsGovernor, Tutor and Library Assistant. RSA Fellow.

“Nicole is friendly, professional and creative in her work. She is enthusiastic and supportive and really helped me assess my attributes and begin to work outside the box.”


Kate DomailleVisiting Lecturer, writer, researcher in Film/Media Education; Trainer and Consultant

“Nicole is a great freelance colleague, someone to really bounce ideas off. She shares her knowledge enthusiastically and openly and is keen to find a working solution to a problem. I’ve found all my dealings with Nicole to be both productive in terms of our business interests and a pleasurable use of my time as she is such a friendly, open colleague.”

Head of French, Language College

“Nicole has a wealth of innovative and dynamic ideas which are applicable to every subject. I have employed many of her ideas in my lessons and have found them to be extremely effective in motivating students. On a managerial level, she has given me guidance and support for which I will be forever grateful. An inspiration to the teaching profession.”

English Co-Ordinator, Primary

“Strategies which I saw Nic using in KS3 lessons 6 years ago are only now being introduced as good practise in our primary school – thanks to Nic I’ve been doing it for years! It’s really helped us to make AfL a meaningful learning tool for pupils.”

Ex-Student (Top 5 Trophy Winner for the Virgin Media Young Sparks 2007 Enterprise Competition and selected out of 400 applicants to be sponsored by Barclays to attend the One Young World Summit 2013 in Johannesburg).

“Nicole was not just an amazing teacher, but a great role model too. Her enthusiasm for media radiated among us students and she was such a motivation when we struggled with anything. She has such a personal approach to teaching and ensured that each student worked in a way that was best for them. She always made things so easy to understand and going to her lessons was so much fun, we were always in her classroom working even when we didnt have to. Nicole was one of the best teachers I have ever had and I don’t think I would have come this far without her.”

Ex-Student (now an ICT teacher)

“Nicole is an amazing teacher, not only did she help me achieve my dream of uni, I constantly watched her going beyond her job description to help out students and other memebers of staff. She has a variety of different styles of teaching for every type of students, she has the patience of a saint and can honestly help in any situation. I know without the input that she has put in my life, I would not be where I am today – with the focus that I have. This lady is like superwomen and wonderwomen all mixed into one. An amazing teacher, an a great educator, a great person to be around. Now what more could you ask for?”

TechnoTeaching: Taking Practice to the Next Level

“This is one of the most readable and supportive books on using technology effectively in your classroom that I have ever read.  It will make our journeyinto these new worlds of literacy, technology, and learning sovery much easier.  Most importantly, it will help us help our students in powerful and engaging ways.  Thank you, Julie and Nicole!! ” 
Professor Donald J. Leu, University of Connecticut, USA

“Drawing on rich teaching backgrounds and an engaging narrative style, the authors offer a practical, step-by-step guide for elementary and secondary teachers to enhance their teaching with new technologies. Whether you are a hesitant newcomer or an enthusiastic experimenter, this book is like having a personal coach to help you revamp your best teaching practices in the digital age.” Professor Judith Haymore Sandholtz, University of California

“Using case studies, model archetypal teachers and project approaches firmly rooted in classroom practice, TechnoTeaching offers all teachers insight, guidance and step-by-step advice on how to embed learning technology effectively to achieve optimum teaching and learning.”
Tony Parkin, Senior Adviser in Learning Technologies, Specialist Schools and Academies Trust, UK

“This enthusiastically written book offers a systematic way of thinking about how teachers (of any subject and at any level of confidence with technology) might integrate new tools into their practice to help deepen learning. Filled with useful tips and anecdotes, this book encourages a reflective approach to planning classroom use of technology more effectively.”  
Pete Fraser, Chair, Media Education Association, UK

“Julie Wood and Nicole Ponsford have given a wonderful gift to all the teachers out there who experience daily apprehension—even guilt—about their reluctance to enter the digital teaching age. What’s the gift? A manual that will help them overcome their feelings of inadequacy as they learn how to transform technology from an enemy into a friend capable of helping them achieve that elusive goal of enhancing student learning, thinking, and language skills on the way to deeper disciplinary knowledge.”       
Professor David Pearson, UC Berkeley, USA

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