Founder and Creative Director

Final TT logo edtechIn 2012, I met Dr. Julie M. Wood on LinkedIn, on a thread about media education. We introduced ourselves, Skyped and got on like a house on fire. We decided to try and write together. What was going to be a short project, writing a few articles, became a life changing experience, when Harvard asked us to co-author a book about technology together, ‘TechnoTeaching’. Since then, we have taken things to the next level – and although Julie lives in the USA and I live in the UK, we have now established TechnoTeachers, a global education and technology (edtech) consultancy. I am both the co-founder and Creative Director of TechnoTeachers. We offer a range of supportive services from eCoaching to presenting. We already have a wide range of international clients, including Europe, China, Australia and the USA.

TechnoTeaching: Taking Practice to the Next Level in a Digital World‘ was published in July 2014. Published by Harvard Educational Press and is available on Amazon as a book and for Kindles). As a result, since then we have been VERY BUSY writing articles and being interviewed for a variety of educational texts and events to help promote the book (see below). I am now also an Amazon author! See our blog for the details.

IMG_2306_3  Keynote Speakers/ Conference Presenters

 Joint work =  Jules represented us both in China last year at the IPEC conference in Beijing. She is now working on a programme to support early years parents in China over 2017 – 18.

We were also extremely excited about presenting at the  international ‘Learning and The Brain’ Conference 2014. Jules attended in person (as it was in the USA that year) and I was there via a video link, as expert speakers in ‘Trained Minds: Using Games/Apps to Train Attention and Skills’.

A career highlight for me was speaking as a panelist at Bett 2017 in London, UK (see recent clients) was as the Founder of Technoteachers.

Online Editor

As Creative Director, I manage our social media sites – see more here for Facebook and Twitter. We also have the TechnoTeachers blog, which I manage. This contains things that we have been up to and topics that interest us and our readers. Here are a few examples of my ‘Nic Says’ features:

BlogSharenting and Baby Blackouts Writing as a parent to a three year old and edtech geek

Me and My MOOC As a result of gaining my ‘Leader of Learning’ certificate from HarvardX

The eDivide  Discussing the differences between the haves and havenots when it comes to edtech.

Now we tend to post links to our work for other publishers.

 ‘TechnoTeachers’ in Print (online and off)

Here are a few of our published TechnoTeaching features that Jules and I have co-written for the UK and USA educational press following the release of our book.

Secondary Ed (for UK Secondary school staff) Five Simple Ways (to integrate edtech)

HeadTeacher (Primary Headteachers and staff rooms) Top Tips for Being A TechnoTeacher

Harvard Family Research Project The Holidays Are Here: Which Apps Will You Share With the Children in Your Life?

I was interviewed by Teach Scotland as you can see in the link. We also were asked to write for (subscription-based) ASCD, Education Today and School Leadership Today.

We now tend to get requests for pieces – either joint or as individuals, dependent on our specialists and diary commitments. These can be more persona…

like when ‘ICT Evangelist’ also asked me to write about my #TeachingHighlight for a Twitter campaign he is running. See here for what I said and how I met Gary Oldman….


…or to support schools with edtech.

Julie and I often co-author articles and work with different global edtech clients.

Please see our website for more details. 

Here are a few articles published so far this year:

 Social Media: Helping Students Steer Clear of Online Threats 

eSafety, Middle Earth Style