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Part of my journey with The Gender Equality Charter was to consider my field of expertise. After maternity leave and the ‘Age of Code’ in 2014 it seemed that the gender balance in both education and edtech had shifted – gone backwards (see my TES article). Inspired by the WomenEd grassroots movement, I wanted to get involved so asked them if I could become their Digital Lead instead of a Regional one – and they said YES.

In return they asked if I would help with a edtech event in May. Then I said YES.

The Twitter handle was the next step – and @WomenEd_Tech was born! My aim is to support existing and aspiring digital leaders in education – to create strong role models in technology and education for our girls, for leadership progress and bridge the gender issues in edtech. I am currently in talks with WomenEd about our next launch.

I am the national leader of WomenEd_Tech and run the twitter handle. Please get involved!

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‘Teaching is a female-dominated profession, so why is the female voice missing when it comes to ed tech?’

InnovateMySchool article on the history of women in edtech:

Women in Edtech: Then and Now

I have also been invited to the House of Lords for the launch of EdTech50. Watch my twitter feed for more information!